Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lupron and Injections

Okay, I am a month out from the part of this process that scares me most. To say that I am just a little on the nervous side would be like showing up to breakfast in a ballgown (that you did not wear the night before), a tad bit on the crazy side. As is the needle was not bad enough they are filled with something lovingly called Loopy Lupron. I have read a lot of stories from fellow bloggers, but I need more information. I must know the non-sugar coated version. So give me the honest truth.

What is your best injection advise?
Do I need to send the husband away for the sake of our marriage?
Should I buy a roll of duct tape for my big mouth?
How much extra migraine medicine am I really going to need?
Are my dishes safe, or should I pack them away so that I have dishes left?
Do I need to book myself a padded cell?
What am I really getting myself into?


Meg. said...

haha Oh, Jaymee, I wish I had some advice. Advice that I will probably be coming to *you* for months down the road. =)

Good luck, my friend!

Alph said...

Jaymee, no pearls of wisdom from me as I've never used it. It seems we will be cycle buddies though (will be my first time with IVF drugs). Hope you don't turn too loopy! I have been on steroids recently though, and think I should have been locked in a cupboard!



emilythehopeless said...

i have done about ten gazillion lupron injections.. literally. and the worst thing that ever happened to me were the bruises. the needles are tiny, the lupron doesn't sting going in, it doesn't hurt after.. and for me (i know everyone is different) i had NO side effects.. and i'm usually very sensitive to hormones.. everything else makes me crazy.. especially the BCPS, but lupron did nothing. except make my stomach look rather gross. .. but that's just me.. i hope so much that you don't have any bad side effects from it either.
but just in case.. prep your dear husband.. tell him you are sorry in advance. that's what i always did every IVF cycle..
you'll be okay.. some of it completely sucks, but we're here to remind you why you're doing this and that it's all worth it!
i'm so freaking excited that we're even talking about this!!!!!! YAYAY!

and thank you again for saving my sanity with your lovely emails :)

Infertile In the City said...

i find lupron only has side effects after a few months on it, so if you are just doing an IVF cycle, lupron is not so bad at all (I did get a little stupider and some headaches) but all in all not so bad.
good luck with the cycle

MNjen said...

Hi Jaymee!

I was only on Lupron for 7 days but didn't have any side effects at all. The needle was tiny, the medicine didnt burn, and I didn't have any bruising either. I had a headache one night, but it wasnt a bad one so I dont think I could attribute it to the Lupron.

I'm not very sensitive to PMS or hormonal changes in my body, so I wasnt any bitchier than usual.

Good luck! This is where it gets exciting! :)

Cyn said...

Same for me, I didn't have any side effects that I was aware of. The needle really wasn't too bad. My 2nd time taking it I had a batch of bad needles (rather dull) and it just didn't feel as smooth as I remembered. A new batch of needles and I was all set.

For me I would just squeeze a bunch of belly skin and quickly push the needle in. I didn't have any issue with the meds or bruising. I 'think' I was a bit itchy toward the end of my 3rd round though.

I really do think you'll be ok and I'm sure hubs will be understanding.

Allison said...

Hey Jaymee -
I'm so excited for you. Well, here's my story. Our first cycle, both Jenn and I had side effects. We were both popping Tylenol like there was no tomorrow. It just seemed like a continuous dull headache the whole time, with random times being worse. This cycle....we both did acupuncture and neither one of us had any side effects at all. None. I'm not saying it was all acupuncture, but whatever it was, it worked.

Like everyone else has said, the Lupron needles are teeny, little insulin like needles. I never even felt it. It's just the "I'm giving myself a shot" part that some people have to get over. I found that sometimes I was a little itchy after the shot. But not too bad. If you're going to be taking Menopur, now I'm not joking, that one burns going in. But not too terrible bad. But it's the worse one I was on. And like I said, still wasn't that bad.

Good luck girl, I'm so happy for you!!!!

Kristin said...

Injection advice...Mel's book gives awesome advice (I only know about injecting lovenox).

Don't send the hubby away...make him take a massage course so he can help you dissipate the lupron induced tension.

Vicodin is safe during all phases of the baby making...buy it by the tub full.

I vote for plastic dishes so they can be thrown again and again and again.

No padded cell necessary. A straight jacket should suffice.

You're getting into short term insanity that will hopefully result in long term bliss.

Good luck and tons of well wishes and prayers. I hope my lame attempt at humor gave you a chuckle or two.

Niki said...

Honestly Jaymee I don't really have any issues with lupron at all. I've always wondered why girls call it "Loopyron" because I've not seen that side of it. I did 3 FETs with it and never once had any issues ... now the estrogen is a totally different story! I warned K about it and told her what others have told you, but she didn't notice any problems from it either. Hopefully you will be among the minority with us! I'm really excited for your cycle to get rolling and can't wait to follow along! I'm sure I'll be blog stalking you multiple times daily once things get underway! ;) Wishing you the best!

Mama-Beans said...

Hey, how is it I'm just over 2 weeks out from injections and you've got a whole month???

ASquared said...

I had way more side effects from clomid than lupron - lupron didn't seem to effect me. The needles were small and it didn't burn, but for me it was always itchy afterwards - I kept mine in the fridge (I can't remember if I had to or not) and that was probably why it caused the itchiness and a little redness. But it didn't burn! And totally go for the belly for shots, I was foolish on my first gonal-F injection and had my hubby do that in the back of my arm - not a good idea! squeezing the belly and doing it there was my best bet for all injections that were not intramuscular of course. I promise that it's not bad - and I was a TOTAL needle-phobe before all the IVF! I cried and cried before we had to do my first gonal-F injection (that came before my first lupron injection because I did gonal-F with our IUIs and I didn't need lupron for that) But I had hyped it up way too much and it was so not a big deal!
Hang in there - and try not to worry too much about it because I promise I was totally scared and it turned out to not be bad at all!