Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Something very scary

My dear friend Amanda is going through some very scary medical issues. She is one of the smartest, compassionate, and most amazing women I know. After a long struggle with IF she gave birth to Hazel, the most perfect little girl, 6 months ago. No one should have to go through this ordeal, but especially someone who has just found such a profound new love. Please go by and leave her a comment at Hazel's Adventure Begins or just send her good healthy thoughts.
I love you dearly Amanda.


eggorchicken said...

I'm so, so sorry to your friend.
I couldn't follow the link - it didn't work. Can you post her address again?
Big hugs and healing thoughts to her!!


Jaymee said...

I fixed it in the post, but in case it decides to stop working again.
is where you can reach Amanda, Jamie and Hazel.
Thank you for your toughts.

Just Me. said...

Thanks for visiting my blog last month. Sorry for taking this long to visit your blog.

You are such a dear friend and hope everything will be ok.

chicklet said...

I just went over there and gawd, it's just so awful. Scary no matter what age or situation, but scarier with a 6 month old. Gawd.