Monday, July 13, 2009

emily the hopeless

Over the weekend, I went to Atlanta to meet Emily and her husband. Let me start by saying that they are the first people that I have met from the internets, thankfully they are who they say they are and are very wonderful people who I completely ADORE!!! Talking with them was just like talking to people I have known my whole life and plan on knowing for the rest of it. We went to a vegan restaurant, which for my carnivore self was a stretch, and it was soooo yummy. I had some of the best mac and cheese I have ever had in my life, and if you do not know I am a mac and cheese connoisseur. Mac and cheese is the best food in the whole world, sadly it all likes to live on my hips.

Meeting someone whose life I have been following for a while is a surreal experience, albeit a wonderful experience. You are sitting with someone that knows so much about you already that the conversation is just natural, and yet this is the first time that you have ever been in his or her presence. I really gained a new perspective on this whole blogging thing and how I relate to the people on the other side of the computer screen. Not that I was unaware that real people were on the other side, it just framed the whole thing in a different way for me.

Emily and Steve are just beginning the adoption process. As someone who is involved in the adoption process, I can say that they are some of the most prepared people I have ever met. We are all researchers in our path to parenthood, but they are reaching the level of experts. I would do anything to make them parents, if it was possible for me to have a baby I would be having one for them, and this is not something I can say for the vast majority of people. There is one thing that I can do to help them. We all know how expensive this baby making stuff can get, and adoption adds up the same way. Emily and Steve are selling the cutest bracelets to help them fund their adventure in adoption land. To help get the word out Steve designed a button for your blog that takes people to the place where they can get their very own bracelet. Come on you know you need more jewelry, one can never have enough accessories! Plus, you get to help a wonderful couple become parents, with the added benefit of helping our future child have a friend and that kid is going to need all the help they can get with parents like us ;)


Meg. said...

I'm glad you were able to meet Emily and her DH in real life! Ya know, many a great relationship has been forged via the internets (that's how T and I met!). =)

I'll gladly add her button to my page!

Cyn said...

When I try to add mine it looks like yours: "/
Not sure if you knew yours wasn't showing up.

emilythehopeless said...

awww you are the sweetest thing! a whole post about us! hehe! i feel the same way.. i mean i knew you, but now i KNOW you! i loved that we had so much to talk about and it didn't feel weird at all! i can't wait to see you again!!! thanks for the help spreading the word. so far the bracelet selling is going a little slower than i'd hoped, but i'm sure some more people will help.

as for the stupid html crap.. i have NO clue.. all i know is what i have works.. but i don't know how to make it work for everyone. if people could just put up a link that would be good too! or just buy one! :)

thanks again.. i hope we're still on for the aquarium!!

we <3 jaymee!! :D

FET Accompli said...

So neat that you finally got to meet a fellow blogger, Emily, in person! When there are so many things shared in common, and when you have been following each others' blogs and rooting for each other, it really does seem that the transition to meeting in person can be smooth, effortless and fun!.

Lisa RM said...

(runs to go buy bracelet and put up link)

Thanks for getting this out Jaymee!

Kristin said...

I can't do it now but I'll add the button later. Thanks for the heads up.

D/M C said...

Emily! I have been trying to find you! It's Cricket from Ovusoft. I googled you and your blog is private so I couldn't get in touch with you that way. I couldn't find you on Ovusoft either. Sorry to use your blog, Jaymee! I just have to get in touch with Emily. Please email me at Would love to catch up!

Anonymous said...

Emily!! I lost your password and lost track of you. Please email me @ I still have a book for you. Are you paper preg? OMG!!!!!!