Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hope Notes

surprise, i know i said i was taking the weekend off, but then i came across this on stirrup queen's site.

this a campaign, movement, or whatever you feel inclined to call it, of stepping outside our own lives for a second, to give to a stranger. Hope Notes, are simply little notes left in public places that may bring a smile to someones face, or simply be a nice little surprise.

i love this idea, because it such a simple way to step outside our own lives and give to a stranger. over the years, dealing with infertility, i have heard a thousand times, "Everything happens for a reason." this phrase makes me sick, when it is used about my experience. this is an area where that phrase seems to apply perfectly. it also forces us to focus on others for a moment, which can do wonders. sitting and stewing in my personal problems never did me any good, helping others has always made me feel better, so now i have a simple way to do this.

we all have crappy days, our hearts broken, our dreams shattered, our accomplishments go unnoticed, our efforts thwarted, simply we all face struggles. now think, if on one of those days while picking up toilet paper, you came across a simple little note. it is not going to fix anything, but for a moment it might make you feel a bit better.

even if you are not inclined to take a photo, or even make a card, please smile at those you pass, or acknowledge once a day that you are not the only person on the planet. i promise it will not cost you anything, but it may mean the world to the person on the other end.

I will get off the soapbox, thanks once again for induldging the crazy lady.

Another bonus: You get to break out the crayons, markers, glue, glitter, or whatever artsy stuff floats your boat, and play, which I don't think you can ever do enough.