Tuesday, July 22, 2008

new blog reads

the ~ spirit ~ of ~ the ~ river has been added to the blogs that i read. while most of the blogs kept track of by me are my family (this includes my friendfamily), this is someone i do not know. she is the person i want to become. nothing i can explain whit mere words, it makes me want to cry, smile, giggle, shout joyously, and everything else, all at the same time. i need to come up with a word for blog crushes. any suggestions, or words that exists that i, as a non-cool kid, don't know?


Mrs.French said...

I think "blog crush" sums it up nicely...I need to check out this crush of yours...thanks for stopping by Bliss, it led me to you!

Amanda said...

i have a blog crush on dooce.com. i think you invented a new phrase, my dear.

Kymberli said...

So many bloggy links you won't know what to do with them: http://stirrup-queens.blogspot.com/2006/06/whole-lot-of-blogging-brought-to-you.html

This blog roll encompasses a large portion of the blogging ALI community (Adoption/Loss/Infertility). There are instructions on that page on how to be added to the blog roll.

I posted a couple of comments last week here. I'm an experienced GS who has also overcome my own fertility battles. I am a contributing editor for a common blog called "Bridges" and I cover the surrogacy category. One of the things I have to do is write articles about surrogacy, but I also feature posts from and link to other bloggers. May I include you on my blog roll (which will also be linked on the site) and also include some of your posts about your surrogacy experience? The website is still under construction, but it is open for operation: http://awarenessbridges.blogspot.com/.

I'll definitely be reading along here. You're such a great writer!

meredithwinn said...

wow, thank you. i just received your comment on my blog and popped over here and started reading.... i don't know what to say, first off: you are too kind! but thank you because your words mean alot, especially these days. thanks for reading my words and thoughts and really hearing me, i'm glad i resonate with you. i can't express how that makes me feel. happy and connected. and those are very good things.