Thursday, August 21, 2008

my fantasy life

there are so many loose ends in my life, so many things i wish i had gotten to before now. i started yet another semester of college yesterday. how is it that these kids just keep getting younger and younger? i do not feel old until i look at them, or i get out of bed with everything creaking. this is the last semester that i will be taking actual classes, and in May i will graduate with 2 degrees. then it will be off to graduate school, because i want to make a little bit of money as a social worker. i may be the weird old lady in class these days, but i am there and i am almost finished with me biggest loose end. this to me matters more than dealing with the stares and annoying little kids who have no idea how easy it is to get off track.
tying up this big loose end got me to thinking about all my other fantasy lives.

I would have this body

Have this house and trees

This front porch with rockers and swings

With this view of the Oregon Coast

This as my back yard

Then I would use my teleporter to go to my other home

My own private island

In this house

it is always nice to get outside of myself and dream. sometimes you spend so much time chasing the attainable dreams, you forget you are allowed to have the big ones.


Jenn said...

I SO want that porch. And a cold glass of ice tea. (ICLW)

CappyPrincess said...

Aren't fantasylands wonderful?

It's always good to have a dream -and to dream big. My grandma always told me to dare to dream the biggest dream I could imagine and then work toward it. I may not get THAT dream but think of all the things I would accomplish in the attempt.

Amanda said...

make money as a social worker? when you figure that one out, please let me in on it. ;)

In Due Time said...

Coming over from ICLW...

My DSO starts grad school on Monday. My mom asked me tonight if he felt like the old one in the class. Um, he's 25! LOL

You'll do great. Keep it up! :-)

Kim said...

I agree dream big! iclw

My name is Andy. said...

Ooooh... I want to live your dream life too!

and good for you for finishing up school. It is one of my regrets that I never got my degree.

Murgdan said...

Oooooh. Can I come visit your dream?

I'm 31 and just finished grad school...but before that I had to take some undergrad courses. Even at 28 I was astonished at how old I felt. Especially when 19 year olds were asking to 'copy my homework' or 'cheat off my test'...and I was like, hello, I'm almost 30, peer pressure doesn't apply anymore so you can fail on your own!

Marie said...


I am in school too. I also creak in the mornings and just celebrated my son's 8th birthday. Don't feel bad.

I am also thinking about social work but am not quite sure yet.

I look forward to reading your blog more!

g said...

Glad your tieing up Loose ends ;)!
GOOD for you!! i never made it back to college... i am proud your doing it.. and forget about being "older"... your fulfilling your goals! Congrats to you!


Ginny said...

Love that sunflower picture, that is my dream as well! Visiting from ICLW :)

Dawn said...

I just want to borrow all of it!