Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dinner With The Parents

tonight my parents came through town, which is part of their annual exodus from the broiling hell that is summer in texas. we always have fun, even though they are exhausted from driving, and this time the husband and i were worn out from work and school.

somewhere in the process of talking about daddy's speeding tickets, can you blame the guy he is running away from a summer of many many consecutive days of temps over 100 after all. the conversation turns to my prowess at crying to avoid tickets.

hubby: "Jaymee just cries her way out of it"

daddy: "I am sure that the officer is afraid of the howling"
to be fair i have been known to crack glass

the conversation somehow turns to spankings

mom: "Do you remember 'Please let me hug you one more time before you spank me' "

me: "I don't know how you ever had the heart to spank me, I was so damn cute"

mom and dad "Sure you were"

dad: "I hope your kids do the same thing to you"

me: "I think you just got bored and it was for entertainment"

mom: "Yeah that is what we did."

me: "Great now does this mean that you are going to tell my kid this. I am never going to be able to spank or discipline them, cause you're going to have them pulling that on me."

mom: "You bet I am"

god, payback really is a bitch. they are really making me rethink this baby thing, or at least letting them alone with their grandchild, they know way too much. not to mention the fact that they video taped almost every embarrassing moment of my life. how am i ever going to get away with "You have no idea how easy you have it....", when there is video evidence. parenting is going to be a lot like small claims court, and the kiddo is going to have all the evidence they need. my one saving grace is the hubby's parents weren't that obsessive, so maybe we can leave all that up to him.

disclaimer: my parents are great and they never beat me. i was an awful kid at times, i was stubborn and hard headed (that hasn't changed much) and wouldn't listen to anyone.

it was a great night, and i am so happy that i got to spend the time with them. in fact i think that this whole surrogacy process has really brought my dad and i together.