Wednesday, June 25, 2008

thank you all (my new shiney surrogacy support)

i thought that no one but my mom read this site, and i thought she only read it in case there was a pop quiz. (I LOVE YOU MOM) after my up all night post, i have gotten so many amazing responses. so now i cry about how lucky i feel that there are so many amazing people out there who want to offer their support. this has been a theme with me over the past year, if i am not crying because i am sad, it is because i am happy. i'll get over this, i better get over this.
so now i have all these brand new shiney friends. joebob will be so happy, he is no longer the only person for me to talk at (he doesn't respond, or if he does i am talking over him).
speaking of the husband. in my previous post i talked about the things he had bought for the baby. when i told him, he wanted to know if i had taken pictures. really, you think i should take pictures? he wants his first triumph as a dad to be thoroughly documented, and i really can't blame him. so here are the pictures of what he did.
before we get to the pictures, we have decided to give the kiddo a blog name. JELLY, we decided on this cause first it is cute, and second it combines our favorite boy and girl names.
so... jelly this is your daddy's first accomplishment as your daddy.
lets count, 5 shirts/outfits 2 bottles (their are 5, but whose counting)
the guy in the moon is Jerry Garcia. he is not related to us, but your daddy and i think he is great, so you will get to know him well. this will be your daddy's department, so don't tell him i introduced you.
here is your first concert shirt. the actual show took place before mommy and daddy were born, but you won't be able to read, and it isn't that important, you'll look cool.
mommy has a turtle obsession and daddy has a grateful dead obsession, thankfully the dead combined the two many years ago.

so there you have it, jelly. your daddy can buy you clothes and mommy can take pictures of them, what else do you need. we can't wait to dress you and take your picture.
to all the rest of you, thanks for indulging the crazy lady. more importantly thank you all for reaching out, it really warms the heart, i hope i can return the favor one day.


robynanne said...

Hello! Your husband sounds darling and I love your baby's blog name. I loved reading your IP version of how this all went for you.

bumpfairy said...

OK those t-shirts are AWESOME!!!
I linked to you, hope you don't mind!!

rarejule said...

Great shirts - go joebob!!

Kymberli said...

I love it. The concept, the shirts, joebob....I love it.

If you build it, he/she will come.