Saturday, June 14, 2008

because the bookstore isn't big enough

today hubby and i go to our local chain bookstore to get frozen hot chocolate. it is steaming hot here and we wanted to cool off. in their intelligence, the idiots are not selling frozen hot chocolate, because "that is a fall and winter drink". hey moorons (southern for morons) fall and winter is when we want regular hot chocolate, summer is when the frozen variety would be appropriate. so i finally get over the disappointment, i realllly wanted my super yummy frozen hot chocolate. there is a 4 year old quality to my tunnel vision on this particular subject.

by this point genius hubby is now engrossed in a quest for a book he has not yet read; there are so few that he can spend hours searching. i on the other hand use books as sleeping pills, so i just read whatever it was he bought a few years ago. i am off on a quest to find a surrogacy book that i saw on amazon. okay, yes i know it is ridiculous to look in a southern bookstore for a book about something so distasteful, i might has well have been looking for a playboy.

i go up to the help counter, where some high school kid, whose parents made her get a job is standing two feet above me. this is to make her feel important or something that i don't begin to understand. now here is the question: do is ask for surrogacy and have to explain or fertility and get the dirty look because i am talking about S-E-X? i decide to go with fertility. "uhm those are back in the children's section."

really that is where you decided to put those, with all the books about children, pregnancy, and childbirth. you retched assholes are really going to make me walk through kiddie land to get to books about how i can't have children. wow, now that is some real planning on your part. you have an entire section, 12 whole rows of christian books, but you can't put the books on fertility and miscarriages anywhere else in the store.

i take this walk, the one through the death chamber, to look through the selection. of course the book i want isn't there and i knew it would not be, but i just had to check for the same reason people have to look at train wrecks.

i just wish people would use their brains for more than 30 seconds a day. then again just because you own a bookstore chain doesn't mean you are literate.


needless to say I came home and bought the book on amazon where they don't make me walk anywhere to find what i want. hubby bought a couple of books that he read years ago, so i guess he has forgotten what happens in the middle.


Nacole said...

What can I say, you know who we are dealing with....

rarejule said...

Love the frozen hot chocolate!! Shame on them for not carrying it in the summer. I'm glad you decided to find your book online... happy reading! May this book not be a sleeping pill, but a jump into the future that is yours! Good luck & lots of hugs and love on this journey!