Friday, May 30, 2008


i just got a rejection e-mail from a fertility/surrogacy message board. their reason you ask, you are going to love this. according to them, I AM VOLUNTARILY INFERTILE. who the hell is voluntarily infertile. i am amazed, if i had only known that all i had to do was decide that i didn't have fertility problems. so i am going to try this approach, stay tuned to find out if it worked.

all i have to say with these mightier than thou people: "you have your period for month after month since you were 12. stand up and go blind, deaf, and loose all balance. be so exhausted that you can't get out of bed or get anything done if you manage to make it to the chair. then tell me that this was voluntary."

so here is a rule: this is a tough enough process, don't make it any harder.

some people just make it too easy. at some point you here so many of these that you just have to laugh at them. my new favorite, amanda wrote on hazel's blog (link to the right) "having a child is just like getting another dog." really, since when did your puppy look at you and tell you they loved you. yes puppy breath is awesome, but it doesn't hold a candle to baby head. so please keep your stupid comments coming, they are such comic relief. i just hope that you find them just a comforting when you are hurting.