Tuesday, May 6, 2008

my camera

since my first photography class in 8th grade, documenting pieces of my life has been a passion. for the first time in my life i was good at something, better than others, and i was not afraid of criticism, b/c it served only to make me better. more importantly though it was a way to escape. behind the lens i have a world all my own.

as a child i was painfully shy and had so much trouble making friends, that i was clinically depressed by the time i was 12. it was my camera that allowed me to be part of a world that i felt so separated from. i still have that camera, and while film is quickly dying, i don't think that i will ever give it up, it is my oldest friend.

today my camera serves to let me capture moments in time. i feel the need to preserve even the most mundane moments of my life. eventually it will probably be what my child first calls "momma". the fact is that my camera is more than a piece of machinery, it is my escape and my lifeline.